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Dave Hunt - "Syrinx"

and Open House Festival

Audio Installation: Tuesday, 17th September to Sunday, 22nd September

Open House: 21-22 September - free tour of the church at 3pm

Syrinx, noun
1.    A set of pan pipes.
2.    ORNITHOLOGY. The lower larynx or voice organ in birds.
3.    An electroacoustic composition.

Austin Forum is delighted to host  “Syrinx”, an audio installation composed by Dave Hunt, based on birdsongs. Some recordings have a sense of musical, dramatic or emotional expression. Nature, in its mystery, longevity, complexity, beauty and horror challenges our anthropocentric view of the meaning of “life”.

In 2015, Pope Francis published the Encyclical Letter “Laudato Si” on care of our common home. The text reminds us of the meaning of ‘environment’, as “a relationship existing between nature and the society which lives in it. Nature cannot be regarded as something separate from ourselves or as a mere setting in which we live. We are part of nature, included in it and thus in constant interaction with it.” 
St Francis of Assisi was a major inspiration in Pope Francis’s appeal to an ecological conversion, that saint known for preaching the birds, addressing them as "My brother birds" and calling them 'noble' among God's creatures. 

Let’s hope these birdsongs in our city church will invite us to nurture “an ecological spirituality grounded in the convictions of our faith” and make us answer to Pope Francis’ urgent appeal “for a new dialogue about how we are shaping the future of our planet”.

Dave Hunt’s installation also coincides with Open House London, the world’s largest architecture festival, giving free public access to 800+ buildings, walks, talks and tours over one weekend in September each year.


The installation is organised by Austin Forum - the Order of St Augustine’s hub for spirituality and culture - and is part of its Art series.


Curated by Fr Gianni Notarianni O.S.A. & Marie Marin la Meslee.


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