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Pascal Colman | Presence (Not Present)

Thursday 11th June 2015


Pascal Colman practices in photography, film, sound, little words and big words. The artist takes inspiration from the act of meditation; the temporary suspension of mind into the void and the resultant sense of peace that is ushered into one’s positive existence from the embracing of its other.  Colman utilises this opening of space in one’s mind to the effect of making one more receptive and reflective to the surrounding world. His work can be seen to allude to the quietening of the ego and refer to ideas represented in the writings of John Cage, D.T Suzuki, Alan Watts and John Dewey.

Presence (not present) is an environmental sound sculpture constructed from musical sound, a composed and immersive sonic atmosphere taking inspiration from the drone. The work assumes the role of a space as opposed to an object, due to both the physical arrangement of tape cassette players and the nature of the composition itself. Boundaries become obscured due to the long duration and minimal structure of the piece, producing a suspended effect, an amorphous presence that occupies the background of any space it is given to inhabit.
Instructions are left for the audience to interact with the components and so the atmosphere is subject to an evolution and decomposition over it’s course, further obliterating any boundaries and resulting in a constantly shifting indeterminate sonic landscape. The minute indeterminate clicks of a tape finishing twinned with Colman’s unassuming instructions to the visitor, remain in the auditors’ mind as microscopic elements of the positive that allow for the negative space, the nebular background presence, to manifest itself as a sea of unconsciously shifting, sonic space.
Pascal Colman is based in London and a recent graduate of the University of Westminster. Recent shows include You Have Got My Bone, Gallery O-Yes, April 2015, Blend, Dig, December 2014, Post Post Christmas, Stoke Newington Gallery, November 2014, Daydreaming, 320 Gallery, March 2014, and Post Christmas, Stoke Newington Gallery, January 2014.

Pascal Colman, Presence (Not Present), 2015 |Courtesy the artist |Photograph Grazyna Dobrzanska-Redrup